Android Trip Tacker is a automatic mileage logbook with, GPS Tracking, Geocoding and OBDII Connection


Incredibly intuitive mileage logbook


Simple and clear overview


Find entries even faster


See what trip type is used most often


Export your data to a signed document


Keep an overview


Data directly from your car


Realtime diagnostic


TripTracker for your home screen

GPS Tracking

See where you have been traveling


Smart Assistant

The mileage logbook will be written automatically. Just check it in the afternoon.

No compromis

No compromise

There was no compromise in development! TripTracker is a native Android App.


Trust it

The data is your property and will not be forwarded to anyone!!

Reliable and comprehensive

TripTracker provides complete and correct data collection. The integrity of your mileage logbook is ensured by various hash and encryption algorithm. Each entry has its own checksum to guarantee that it isn't changed afterwards or outside of TripTracker. Also the generated PDF can be signed by one of our servers to ensure that it can't be modified.

Accepted by public authorities, if your data is plausible

With TripTracker you have better chances that your data will be accepted as with the handwritten mileage logbook since in case of any doubts you could provide the tracked GPS-Coordinates or, if you use the OBDII-Plugin, even the data out of your car’s engine control unit to prove your trips. However, it depends on you and how you use TripTracker.

OBDII: Data directly from your car

TripTracker is able to connect directly to your car so that it can read the odometer and calculate the distance traveled. In addition various parameters and the troublecodes can be displayed.
To use this feature you don’t need to modify your car! You just require a Bluetooth adapter which is plugged in to the cars OBDII interface. Installation is very easy since in most modern cars the OBDII interface is directly beneath the steering wheel.

More information can be found here...

Please note: Most cheap OBDII-Adapters on the market don't perform good over a longer period. Thats the reason why an optimized version especially for TripTracker was developed.
For more information please write at:

Privacy: Your data is owned by you!

In contrary to most other systems all the collected data of you mileage logbook is owned by you. It is not stored somewhere abroad on a Server or a Cloud. The data is on your phone in a local high performance SQL database.
The only exception to this are the optional Online Services since this feature won't work without a central server.
TripTracker does not sell or analyze your data (like all social media companies do)!!
TripTracker is a quite funcional App. Therefore it needs some permissions. More details about that can be found here
Information about our cookies can be found here

Online Services for collaborative work

TripTracker has a powerful synchronization mechanism that allows you to collect and edit your data across multiple devices. There is also a web interface which allows you to analyze your mileage logbook on a PC or Mac.
You can register a account on the top right side of this website.


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Another great resource is the manual which can be found here. There you find illustrated setup instructions for allmost any feature of TripTracker.
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